Scholarships depends on a great application!

Scholarship: $ 35,000
Scholarship: 18,000
Scholarship: 10,000
Scholarships Comparison
Full Time International Students



Sure, we can help you to get a great scholarship

because we know the people at the admissions office.


If you dont apply, You dont get the scholarship.

If you dont act...

You will never know...

Choosing your College or University
Did you know that many, many... colleges and universities in the USA had more scholarships than applications? 
Because Students didn't know where to find it.

Important - InterAcquilla Advisers will help you on:

a) Institutions will require full application for the acceptance letter. 

b) *Division I and II Sports - Introduce Student's sport talent to head coach.

c) ** Student worker - students must apply at the college according to openings.

d) Email your proposal:

Action Plan

International Student Application:

  • Complete guidance for international admissions application and scholarships.


  • Documents, transcripts, gpa calculation, language requirements and more.

  • Receive letter of acceptance for VISA and I-20.

Academic advising:

  • Work with students on selecting classes according to their academic and professional interests.

  • International track: application for summer language programs in Asia, Europe or Latin America.

  • Visits to campus, dorms, cities and colleges and universities open-house.


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