Young Professionals and One Semester Abroad

Cultural Knowledge & Communication

Experts in globalization say that one of the main assets for a successful career is cultural knowledge and the ability to communicate and express yourself within international environments. 

This short-term program aims to provide students and young professionals with the opportunity to experience the U.S. culture, improve their language skills and interact with people from different parts of the globe.

One Semester in Colleges and Universities


This program is designed for students who want to experience one semester attending a U.S. or Canadian College and University.

InterAcquilla advisers will work with students on their choices of institutions according to students' majors, choice of locations and their financials capabilities.

Students attending higher education in their home countries may request transfer of credits to their local institutions.

Young Professionals

This program is designed for young professionals to practice and learn the English vocabulary in their chosen profession. They will attend intensive English classes and other special classes at Colleges and Universities while experiencing the U.S. culture.

The two - four week program has limited spaces. InterAcquilla will provide housing and transportation to and from the airport.  

Participants will have free weekends to explore and visit the region on their own.


InterAcquilla will reserve two days to celebrate a special occasion according to the American Culture calendar.

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