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FALL 2020
-  College in upstate New York offers:   $ 18,000 (tuition, room and board) 
-  University in Ohio offers: $ 35,000 (tuition, room and board)
-  College in Utah offers: $25,000 (tuition, room and board)
Fall 2020 application - early admission may get you better financial deals with colleges. 
Let us know if you are interested in applying to our partners.
Several colleges are offering very attractive financial offers to international students. Interacquilla higher institutions partners are very interested in your academic potential. 
We know the admissions department and we will recommend you for acceptance.

Students interested in sending their offer should inform: College or University, location, program, how much you want to pay per year, language scores, and awards, leadership roles,....

Important - InterAcquilla Advisers will help you on:

a) Connect and complete applications.

b) Research institution, programs and cost.

c) Scholarships and financial aid.

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